3-D Gait Scan

3-D Gait Scan

Our practitioners love being able to keep you active, healthy and happy and achieving your goals! As part of an initial podiatry assessment, our podiatrists analyse the mechanics of walking using 3D Pressure mapping and video gait analysis.


3D pressure mapping is a tool utilised to accurately measure the high pressures in the feet. 3D Pressure mapping allows our team to screen for any asymmetries between the left and right side but also allows us to identify the highest pressure point in the foot. Each of these may assist in identifying specific factors contributing to your injury not settling and/or continuing to recur.


3D pressure mapping is useful in monitoring progress in the rehabilitation of an injury. 3D Pressure mapping is free as part of your initial podiatry assessment. If you have any questions regarding 3D pressure mapping or you are interested in having an analysis, please feel free to give us a call or email- we are here to help!


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