Group Fitness and One on One Training

Our Clinic has been providing group exercise classes and one on one fitness training to assist people to transition back to health following an injury or due to a chronic condition.   Are you looking to get back into exercise under the guidance of a health professional?


We love helping people




Our Physiotherapists may recommend that you transition to a fitness program at some stage in your recovery from an injury or to help you manage a chronic condition such as Low back Pain, Diabetes, Arthritis etc.  It may also be that losing weight is necessary to help you recover and exercise is essential to achieving weight loss.


We can help you do it safely without aggravating your condition.


If we are carrying extra weight, most of us know healthy eating and exercise are the activities that will help us return to a healthy weight range.  We know it but we are often not very good at DOING it!


We know with exercise that quite often people start and then can lose motivation and stop.


Exercising in a group helps to make it fun and creates a community of support to keep you going when you start to lose the drive.  The group sessions are also more manageable for those on a budget.


You will start with a thorough Pre-Program Screening Assessment and then discuss with your Physiotherapist the Options for your program. Those being one on one personal training or joining a group.


ONE ON ONE PERSONAL TRAINING – For those who want their own program and closer attention to detail!


This program consists of the client having an individualised program set up for them by a Physiotherapist in our Physiotherapy Gym or The Bluewater Gym.  The client will be seen twice a week for the first 2 weeks and then will begin self sessions in the gym.

A Gym membership will be purchased to allow access to the gym either in our clinic or at Bluewater.

Clients wishing to join Bluewater will get a FREE 2 week membership to trial the facility.

The physiotherapist will then have an appointment with the client every 2 weeks to check progress and make adjustments to increase the challenge if indicated or modify if required.  Over the course of 12 weeks the client will be seen for 10 one on one sessions which are able to be claimed on ancilliary private health insurance.


We have Groups run by:

Physiotherapists – Every evening or during the day.

Marcus Larcombe – Fitness Leader – Monday and Friday Mornings at 6.30 AM.

Nicole Smith – Exercise Physiologist Wednesdays at 10.00 AM


Come and join a great group of people having fun and exercising safely.


Call our clinic today and book in for your Screening Assessment!


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