1. Don’t over indulge on Christmas Day (only one second helping!)
  2. It’s Ok to have a treat on Christmas day, but return to your normal diet as soon as possible
  3.  Drink 2L of water each day
  4. Limit your alcohol intake and have some alcohol free days
  5.  Take a couple of walks each day
  6.  Cover up and use sunscreen outside
  7.  If entrenched watching the crickets get up and stretch regularly
  8.  Take regular breaks from doing work around the house or garden and spread the work over a couple of days
  9.  If you got power tools for Christmas, read the instructions!
  10. Be careful on ladders – we see a lot of Christmas lights injuries!
  11. Driving holiday? Take regular rests and stretch breaks. Don’t drink and drive!
  12.   If you’re flying, chose an aisle seat and hop up and move about.