We are excited to Introduce the AXit Strength Testing Equipment to our clients to be able to assess your Strength, Power and Balance.
We can then identify where you have weaknesses or deficiencies caused by your injury or that is contributing to ongoing problems.
Axit has a series of Digital Strength Testing Meters that can assess the strength of any muscle or joint in your body.  
It also has force plates that can assess your ability to jump, land and balance and whether you are taking your weight evenly or are favoring one leg.
It can assess the explosive power in your muscles when you jump and also how well you are controlling yourself when you land.
This is essential data that helps to determine if you are ready to return to sport after knee surgery or even a knee or ankle sprain.
We can now, very accurately, measure the strength of your muscles and compare to the opposite leg or arm to see where you may have deficiencies or weaknesses.
The last 10-20% of strength gains is hard to measure without devices like AXIT and it is this last 10-20% that makes the difference in reaching full strength and peak performance.
We can then develop the most specific rehabilitation program to help you reach peak strength, fitness and performance in Sport, Work and Life!


In this video, discover how this cutting-edge technology can help us very precisely identify your weaknesses and your main problems.”