Online Physiotherapy

Online Physiotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Physiotherapy?

Online Physiotherapy is a video consultation with your physiotherapist.  We can offer this through our practice management system.  Basically our physio can see you and you can see them and ask and answer each others questions.  We can guide you through some movement tests and we can come up with a diagnosis in much the same way that we do when you come in to see us in the clinic.  Obviously we can’t touch you but we can ask you to point to the sore spots and we can determine what structure it might be from our extensive knowledge of anatomy.  We know every muscle, ligament, tendon. nerve and blood vessel in the body!!!

We can then help you with advice on management and give you exercises as well.

What if I usually have massage or joint / spinal manual therapy?

Obviously whilst we are not able to treat you with hands on techniques we need to look at alternatives that you can do yourself.  There are a number of different ways to do muscular self release techniques or joint mobilisation techniques to loosen muscles and joints up. 

This may involve using a foam roller, tennis ball, poly pipe, football, or even a harder ball like a cricket ball or hockey ball.  If you want to think outside the square and you have someone who wants to learn we could even do some massage teaching to a family member on our online call.  Anything is possible if you are open your mind! 

What Technology do I need to have an Online Physiotherapy call?

A Laptop is best as long as it has a camera and speakers/microphone.

Any other smart device is also possible including:

Android/iPhones and Tablets
If you have a stand for these that would help or have something organised that you can lean the device against so you can be hands free.  It may also be good to have a family member or friend hold your device for you so that we can see what you are doing.

It is good to have a few options if possible!

How will I be able to be shown exercises?

We will make sure we have a space where you can see us clearly when we demonstrate exercises for you.
If you can be in a relatively large room so that you can move away from the device too so that we can see you perform the exercises to make sure you are doing them correctly.

After your consultation we may use our exercise prescription software to send you out your exercises which you can view on your computer or phone in an App!

We may also or alternatively send you a pdf document with your exercises and a management plan.

Can I claim anything for an Online Physiotherapy Consultation?

Yes many people will be able to claim something.

Just today the Government has announced that eligible people can claim Online Physiotherapy through Medicare if they have a Chronic Disease Management Plan.  We will be bulk billing these consultations rather than charging our normal fees meaning there will be no gap.

Private Health Insurance
Most Private Health Insurers are reporting that they will be providing rebates for Online Physiotherapy (Telehealth) consultations.  Ring and Check with your insurer about their rebates for those with Extras cover.


The NDIS is supporting Physiotherapists by allowing Online Physiotherapy (Telehealth) consultations to be charged and claimed.


Worksafe has approved Online Physiotherapy (Telehealth)!

TAC / Veteran’s Affairs

At present there has been no determination on funding from these sources.  We will keep you updated if anything changes.

We Thank Colac Otway Shire for providing a grant to purchase laptops and iPads to be able to provide high quality online Physiotherapy Consultations.


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Our physiotherapists would love to work with you to improve your health and wellbeing in this trying time, whether you are an existing client or new to CBSTC. Our team is happy to help you get started, you can book online or call our clinic on (03) 5232 2400 to speak with us.

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