Do you Have Osteoarthritis of the Hip or Knee?

Then the GLA:D® Program is a fantastic option for you.
What does GLA:D® stand for = Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark.
The GLA:D® program is an education and exercise program developed
by researchers in Denmark for people of any age with hip or knee
osteoarthritis symptoms. It is run all over the world as well as here in

What does GLA:D involve?

A 6-week group-based exercise program supervised by Lachy
Theodore at The Blue Water Leisure Centre in the program room
behind the gym.
 You will attend 2 sessions per week.
 The first week will also involve 2 education sessions about
Osteoarthritis and how to manage it.

How do I enrol?

• Book in for an initial appointment where Lachy Theodore will
explain the program and do some strength and mobility
• You will then be placed into our next program which runs every 6

What Benefits should I expect from the program?

 Improved mobility and strength.
 Improved ability to walk.
 Improved Balance.
 Improved Confidence in your knee or hip.
How Else is Osteoarthritis Managed?
In Australia, The Medical Management for Osteoarthritis usually
focuses on taking medications such as Anti-inflammatories and referral
for surgery.
The GLA:D program offers a better and safer alternative using exercise
and education.

We feel that you should give this program a go before you consider
surgery as research shows that many people can avoid or at least put
off surgery for some time.
At worst the GLA:D program will help you to become stronger, which if
surgery is necessary will help you to recover much quicker afterwards.

For more information on the GLAD Program please follow the link below: