Bluewater Physiotherapy

118-134 Hearn Street
Colac, Victoria 3250

Lachy and Sam are available all Monday – Friday.

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Our new clinic at Blue Water Leisure Centre will provide people in our community with easier access to our professional services.

With all of the awesome facilities on hand including hydrotherapy, the gym and the centre stadium we will be able to offer direct treatments in the facilities that many people use all the time.  The other facilities such as the creche create opportunities for parents to access our services whilst their children are being cared for – HOW GOOD IS THAT MUMS?  

Have some treatment whilst the kids are at swimming lessons or playing basketball.

Program Reviews

Members with Injuries can request a review of their program in the gym with one of our physiotherapists and we can work with your gym instructor to OPTIMISE your Rehabilitation or Management of your condition.

Bluewater Leisure Centre

118-134 Hearn St, Colac VIC 3250

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