New Graduate Physiotherapist Position Description



Position Title: New Graduate Physiotherapist


Reporting to: Directors (Mark Zampatti and Cherise Garner), Practice Manager (Fiona Slater)


Overview of Position                             

As a Physiotherapist, you are responsible for providing an outstanding level of care for clients at Corio Bay Sports Treatment Clinic. You actively seek to develop your expertise and techniques to align with our philosophy of care, and concentrate your efforts on providing specialist skill and expertise with our clients. You enthusiastically participate in activities to improve your client caseload, and contribute to overall learning and development of other team members, always acting in the best interest of Corio Bay Sports Treatment Clinic Colac.


Key Tasks and Responsibilities
















   Client Management

Responsible for the provision of client services including but not limited to:

·       Thorough Assessment

·       Appropriate treatment

·       Provide management plans

·       Exceed client expectations















Ensure confidentiality is maintained always

Actively promoting preventative maintenance care and early intervention

Changing own linen,  keeping room organised and tidy

Using appointment scripts and applying treatment programs as outlined on the CBSTC site

Aiming to connect with clients on a personal level, being considerate and understanding of their needs, whilst maintaining personal boundaries







  External Engagement

Writing Letters

·       Letters to referrer and other health professionals









Writing reports for referrers and other health care practitioners involved in your client’s care including:

·       Medicare

·       Return to work

·       Legal reports

Liaise with medical practitioners, Podiatrist, Psychologists, Chiropractors etc. and promote cooperative professional relationships

Engage in promotional events that may be held off premises (complete 2 talks per year e.g. to a local football club)

Contribute to CBSTC’s social media presence

Actively seek referral opportunities including new referrals to CBSTC and referrals to other health professionals in our network

Performance Management


·       Actively seek ways to improve your work environment and relationship with team mates

·       Contribute to the learning and development of other team members – provide 1 inservice per year

·       Assist with reception tasks as may be required from time to time



·       Complete google sheet by 2.00pm Mondays.

·       New client checklist must be up to date by 2.00pm Mondays.

·       Adhere to documented and undocumented clinic policies and procedures

·       Obtain feedback from clients about your level of service and care

Security: uphold security measures in the areas of clinical records, intellectual property, equipment


·       Commit to the ongoing improvement of the business by recommending ways to do things better, training suggestions, and ideas to improve client experience

·       Monitor your performance with reference to key performance indicators (KPI’s) and targets

·       Attendance to and active contribution in team and individual meetings


·       Be an active ambassador for the courtesy system

·       Contribute to the positive, healthy culture of the clinic


·       Undertake activities to develop and maintain professional/clinical knowledge and skills at an acceptable level, maintaining awareness of current best practice

·       Undertaking all requirements for practice as described by AHPRA, including CPR and first aid updates

·       We will fund 50% of two course relevant to your practice at the clinic /year up to $1000.






Desired Qualifications and Experience

Qualifications and experience

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Registration with Physiotherapy Board of Australia

Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association

All of these are payable by the employee (or mutual agreeance of both parties)




Desired Skills and Abilities

Skill/ Ability

Level of importance


Communication (written)


Communication (Oral e.g. phone manner)

Very High

Client awareness / interpersonal skills

Very High

Initiative / problem solving


Ability to work effectively in a team environment


Ability to make decisions


Ability to take direction


Knowledge of client management database


Ability to prioritise and manage tasks

Very High

Computing skills


Typing skills


Personal presentation and grooming


Contribution to business continual improvement




Additional Relevant Documentation:

  • Clinic culture Policies (on hub)
  • Practitioner Key tasks
  • Contract



I have read and agree to this positions description, and undertake to fulfil these requirements to the best of my ability.


Signed:                                                                   Witnessed:

             _______________________                                   _________________

Date :                                                                       Date:


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