Clinical Pilates is perfect for Management of:


  • Lower Back Pain
  • Women during and following Pregnancy
  • Women’s Health Problems
  • Spinal Surgery
  • Poor Posture
  • Neck and Thoracic Pain
  • People with weak abdominals following abdominal surgery
  • Sporting Injuries and Improving Performance



Our Clinic has a fully equipped Pilates Studio with qualified Clinical Pilates Trained Physiotherapists available for individual assessment and treatment or group classes.  We currently run 11 Pilates classes a week.  With 8 evening classes and 4 lunchtime classes a week we can cater to your needs.


Australian Physiotherapists lead the world in the research and development of The Clinical Pilates Method.  Core Stability exercise and strengthening of the postural muscles have been proven to be essential for people to recover from lower back pain and to prevent recurrent injury.  Pilates achieves these objectives and helps our clients regain control and confidence in their body after an injury or those with chronic pain.


Pilates is perfect when tailored to an individual but can also be damaging if you are shown the incorrect Pilates exercises for your specific problem.  This is where some people can come unstuck when they just try a Pilates video or try a group class without being assessed by a qualified physiotherapist to ensure that the program they undertake is relevant to them.


To join our Clinical Pilates Group Classes all participants must have a comprehensive assessment with a Pilates Trained Physiotherapist.  This will include finding out about your history and what positions, movements or activities aggravate or relieve your pain to determine what movement directions your body prefers.  This helps to determine what Pilates program is suited to your specific problems.  The Physiotherapist will discuss and recommend a management plan that may initially involve individual sessions before progressing to a group class.


For more information, feel free to contact the clinic on 5232 2400 or markzampatti@cbstc.com.au and cherisegarner@cbstc.com.au

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