Should Office Workers Have a Regular Massage?

Aug 10, 2018

Should office workers in Colac have a regular massage?

People often don’t realise that sitting at a desk for long periods of time is actually putting a large strain on your muscles.

Office work can have a large impact on your physical and mental health.

At the Corio Bay Sports Treatment Clinic in Colac we see heaps of people who spend hours in awkward postures with a phone to one ear, leaning over a desk, staring at a computer for 8 hours a day. They are bound to get Stiff and Sore!

If this is you, then rest assured that a treatment from one of our qualified Massage Therapists / Myotherapists in Colac can help to restore balance and get you moving better and feeling great again.

How will massage help?

Massage will loosen up tension in muscles that are pulling us out of alignment and allow us to open up and straighten our posture.

Deep Tissue Massage softens and relaxes our muscles to ease pain and help them move more naturally.

Why do I get sore sitting at my desk?

Picture the position you end up sitting in when you have been at your desk for an extended period of time. You are likely ending up in a slumped position leading to a stiff neck, sore shoulders and headaches. Yikes !

Our bodies are made to move and when we sit stationary for long periods of time the constant strain on certain muscles creates tension and painful points in the muscles.

Circulation in office workers in Colac

Sitting for long periods of time inhibits your muscles ability to help pump blood around the body, especially in the lower legs. A great benefit of massage is that it helps to encourage healthy blood flow. The pressure applied during massage helps to move congestion and allow new healthy blood to flow in.

Sciatic Pain in office workers in Colac

Sciatic pain is very common in office workers, and it is nerve pain that runs down the leg.

Pressure is placed on the sciatic nerve when we sit for extended periods. Regular massage to the lower back, buttock and thighs can relieve this pressure and ease the sciatic pain.  SEE BELOW!


Regular, Professional massage from our Therapists at Corio Bay Sports Treatment Clinic will help keep you feeling great and functioning well at work.

Our Pilates Classes are also the perfect addition to managing pain and stiffness associated with working in a sedentary job.  We can assist you to develop better posture and be strong in your core (That may have been neglected for a long time).  These strategies will have you feeling great in no time!  Click on the Blue Link to learn more! Our Pilates Classes

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Sciatica can sometimes shoot down your leg like a bolt of lightning.

Our masseurs can release tightness in some of the muscles that can compress the Sciatic nerve in the buttock!  Piriformis is one of the muscles often involved.